Pump Shop Equipment

Pump shop bench.
PETOL™ Pump Benches

Pump support.
PETOL™ Pump Support

Thread cutting tool.
Thread Cutter

PETOL™ Benchrenches & Platerenches
Bench & plate wrenches.

PETOL™ Tool Stand & Rinse Tank
Tool stand & rinse tank.

PETOL™ Shoprench

PETOL™ SHOPRENCHES, sometimes called end wrenches, are extremely strong and can handle tough makeup and breakout jobs.

PETOL™ Socketrench Handles
& Sliding Socket Plates
Socketrench handles & plates.

Hydraulic friction breakout unit.

PETOL™ Hydraulic Friction Breakout Unit

the surface of the parts being made up and broken out.

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ Friction Tongs
Surgrip friction tongs.

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ FRICTION TONGS are designed to makeup and breakout pump sections without marring the pump barrel or rod surfaces.

TITAN™ Valve Cage Wrench
Valve cage wrenches.

TITAN™ VALVE CAGE WRENCHES offer a safe and effective method of making up or breaking out valve cages.

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ Friction Vise Bushings

Interchangeable aluminum bushings are available to meet specific O.D. requirments.

Surgrip friction vise.

Friction Vise

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ FRICTION VISES provides oil field pump manufacturers and pump repair shops with a friction vise having superior noncrushing and nonmarring features for use in final assembly or repair of sub-surface pumps.

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ Torque Wrench
Surgrip torque wrench.

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ TORQUE WRENCHES offer exact measurement in
ft.-lbs. of torque when making up pump parts.

PETOL™ Friction Tongs, Chain Style
Friction tongs with chain.

PETOL™ FRICTION TONGS w/CHAIN were designed especially for holding and turning pipe that must be carefully protected.

Miscellaneous Accessories
Miscellaneous pump shop accessories.