Herringbone Gears & Pinions

Herringbone Gears & Pinions

Run Ticket Boxes

PETOL™ Run Ticket Box

Shothole Casing Tongs

PETOL™ Shothole Casing Tongs

Sight Glasses

PETOL™ Sight Glass

Sucker Rod Transfers

PETOL™ Suckerod Transfer

Sucker Rod Coupling Spinner

PETOL™ Suckerod Coupling Spinner

Tank Safety Gauges

PETOL™ Tank Safety Gauge

Tubing Tongs

PETOL™ Tubing Tongs

Pipe Wrenches

PETOL™ Slim Grip Tongs

Slim Grip Tongs

PETOL™ Slim Grip Tongs

Tube Handle Wrenches

PETOL™ Tube Handle Wrench

GEARENCH™ was founded in Houston, Texas in 1927 with the patent of its first product, the Gearench, a hand tool for use on small diameter pipe. From this original tool, the company has grown and developed over 40 product lines for use in various areas of the oil industry including exploration, drilling, production, refining and completion. Tools have also been developed for water well and trenchless technology drilling, as well as mining, power generation utilities, and general industrial markets.