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PETOL™ Foot Snipe

Foot Snipe.

The PETOL™ FOOT SNIPE is an attachment for PETOL™ SURGRIP™ Friction Tongs being used for ground laying disassembly of Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) tools. Using the Foot Snipe, the operator is no longer subject to standing or bouncing on an angled surface which increases the chance of slipping and falling.

Foot Snipe Step 1.
1. Slide Foot Snipe onto wrench handle.
Foot Snipe Step 2.
2. Choose preferred pin hole & secure the safety pin.
Foot Snipe Step 3.
3. Set the handle bar in the handle hole.
Foot Snipe Step 4.
4. Insert inside foot in the ring & apply weight without bouncing.
Always apply weight with inside foot as shown.
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PETOL™ Foot Snipe
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FS1 41" x 22" x 2" 11-5/8 lbs.
Always apply weight with inside foot.
DO NOT apply weight by bouncing or jumping.
SERIOUS INJURY may result if used improperly!

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PETOL™ Foot Snipe