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New Products

Hammer Tight.


Safe and easy to use hammer wrench retainer. Sold individually and in sets.

Enclosed Tank Safety Gauge.

Enclosed Tank Safety Gauge

Fully enclosed assembly reduces the risk of H2S escape into the environment & operator exposure.

Flange lifter.

PETOL™ Flange Lifter

Safe and easy to use method of installing and removing blind and weld neck flanges.

Fitting Tong.

PETOL™ Fitting Tongs

Make up and break out connections having narrow or confined gripping areas.

Tong Jack.

PETOL™ Tong Jack

Portable, pneumatic unit for the break-out  or make-up of threaded connections.

Tube Handle Wrench.

PETOL™ Tube Handle Wrench

12-point offset box end wrench with detachable tube handle.

Slim Grip Tong.

PETOL™ Slim Grip Tongs

Make up and break out connections having narrow gripping areas.

Suckerod Coupling Spinner.

PETOL™ Suckerod Coupling Spinner

Quick method for threading on sucker rod couplings.